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Testing | Sebastian Denzer | 19 October 2021

A Basic Setup for Mass-Testing a Multiplayer Online Board Game

Sebastian Denzer describes the challenges of testing Catan Universe, the popular digital version of the famous board game, and he introduces our team’s solution of Automated Play Testing, which helps to efficiently and securely test the numerous permutations of the complex game experience.


Software Engineering | Olaf Spiewok | 16 November 2021

Create Production-Ready, Automated Deliverables Using a Build Pipeline for Games – Part 1

Olaf Spiewok shows the advantages and options for using a build pipeline in game development. In part 1, he shares what makes a game development build pipeline different and addresses specific game development challenges for setting up your build pipeline, informed by years of experience.




AI | Radu Orghidan | 17 May 2022

An R&D Project on AI in 3D Asset Creation for Games

Radu Orghidan, Thomas Bedenk and Kai Wegner present an exemplary research & development project in the game development space: how can we use artificial intelligence to facilitate the creation of 3D game assets and provide artists with unforeseen inspiration?


Software Engineering | Olaf Spiewok | 04 January 2022

Create Production-Ready, Automated Deliverables Using a Build Pipeline for Games – Part 2

In part 2 of his article on build pipelines in game development, Olaf Spiewok explains several different options which game developers have for setting up a build pipeline as well as some important points to consider when implementing a build pipeline for games.



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