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Business | Gareth Miller | 02 June 2020

Creating a Resilient Advantage

Endava’s Programme Director, Gareth Miller, explains the concepts behind Operational Resilience and how Financial Institutions can use it as a competitive differentiator to not only insulate themselves and their customers from systemic risks, but also set themselves positively apart from their peers.


Banking | Wynn Davies | 05 May 2021

Artificial Intelligence: Where Does The Real Value Lie?

Wynn Davies explains why AI should not just be used for quick wins but as a holistic foundation to gain more business value. Following American Banker’s Digital Banking: AI & Automation event, he shares three key decision areas for financial services companies to determine their AI strategy and roadmap.




Meet the SME | Scott Harkey | 12 October 2021

hello! I’m Scott Harkey

This week, our guest on Meet the SME, the blog series that brings you closer to our subject matter experts, is Scott Harkey, EVP Financial Services & Payments, who is not only a keen expert for all things finance but also an avid music lover. Scott is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and he joined the Endava family as part of the fantastic team at Levvel.

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Banking | Wynn Davies | 31 August 2021

Personalised Banking: How to Get Ahead of Ever-Changing Client Value Propositions

Wynn Davies uses the development of cryptocurrency and other fintech innovations to examine how traditional banks can stay on top of their competition and the current personalisation environment by using data in a smart way and strategically entering partnerships.



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