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Innovation | Robert Daubner | 01 November 2022

How Microservices Can Upgrade the Customer Experience

Robert Daubner shares how e-commerce companies can successfully use a microservices architecture to fulfil increasing customer needs, improve the customer experience of their online shop, and ultimately future-proof their business.


Business | Satchell Drakes | 17 January 2023

The 4 Most Common Mistakes in Retail Site Design

The success of your e-commerce retail business depends on good UX design. These are the most important mistakes you need to look out for.




Next Gen Insights | Satchell Drakes | 14 March 2023

4 Ways to Improve Customers’ E-Commerce Search Experience

Are you wanting to make it easier for customers to find the products they need? Here, Satchell Drakes shares some ways to optimise the retail user search experience.


Next Gen Insights | Satchell Drakes | 09 February 2023

What to Include in a Customer Re-Engagement Content Library

Satchell Drakes outlines the types of content retailers need to build an engaged customer pipeline.



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