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Next Gen Insights | Seth Clifford | 07 January 2019

Delivering Business Value at Speed: A Recipe in Three Steps

Speed is just as essential for end-users as it is for brands. Seth’s recipe of 3 “D’s” can help organisations keep up the pace with their customers’ needs as well as their own business objectives.


Next Gen Insights | Andrew Brown | 23 January 2020

Platforms and Partnerships: Will MWC reveal the new ecosystems needed to exploit 5G?

Andrew Brown looks back at the history of digitisation that was powered by handheld computing, and how the next wave of transformation powered by 5G is going to move processing to the edge. He also predicts that the future holds powerful partnerships between Telco’s and various industries as they build niche platforms that will drive a new wave of digital disruption.




Insights Through Data | Dan Robinson | 28 September 2021

Data-Driven Insurance

Dan Robinson reveals the natural connection between Insurance and being data-driven, demonstrates the organisational and business benefits of being data-driven, and provides 4 steps for insurance companies to use these insights to become more data-driven.

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AI | Uros Bajec | 05 October 2021

How to Improve Intelligent Energy Storage Systems Using AI

Uros Bajec explains what constitutes intelligent energy storage and provides examples for energy companies to deploy Artificial Intelligence to make their energy storage systems more efficient, robust, and profitable.




Meet the SME | Adrian Bugaian | 17 June 2021

hello! I’m Adrian Bugaian

Meet the SME – a new Endava blog series bringing you closer to our subject matter experts. First off is Adrian Bugaian, one of our Delivery Partners, who is currently rocking Marina Bay with his Payments and Trading expertise, having recently relocated to help us with our expansion into Singapore.


Automation | Anil Dasturi | 17 August 2021

RPA: Using Robots to Streamline Processes

Anil Dasturi shares his insights on how to integrate robotic process automation (RPA) and illustrates these with a concrete example from the Insurance industry, showing the benefits in terms of improved customer experience, team efficiency and satisfaction as well as cost saving.



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