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Insights Through Data | Dan Robinson | 28 September 2021

Data-Driven Insurance

Dan Robinson reveals the natural connection between Insurance and being data-driven, demonstrates the organisational and business benefits of being data-driven, and provides 4 steps for insurance companies to use these insights to become more data-driven.

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AI | Jasmina Ovcak | 07 December 2021

Hand in Hand with Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Sector

Jasmina Ovcak shares her experience developing a solution for forecasting electricity demand using Artificial Intelligence, and she explains how to optimally obtain, process, and use data as well as how to select and implement a fitting Machine Learning algorithm.




Insights Through Data | Lloyd Chapin | 02 November 2021

Leveraging ESG Data to Grow Your Business

Lloyd Chapin discusses the importance of having a robust and flexible Data Architecture in place to meet the growing and rapidly changing reporting demands when it comes to environmental, social and governance activities (ESG), and he shares key insights on how businesses should best set up and manage their ESG Data Architecture.


Insights Through Data | Lloyd Chapin | 06 April 2022

ESG Data Architecture is a Business Imperative – How to Get Started

In a time when customers and legislators are putting more and more emphasis on ESG, or environmental, social, and governance, Lloyd Chapin explains what businesses should factor in when planning and implementing their ESG Data Architecture, so that their ESG reporting solutions are fit for the future.




Insights Through Data | Adina Gabriela Stavar | 12 January 2021

Data is Everything

Adina Gabriela Stavar explains the importance of a Data Maturity Model as the foundation of enterprise data management and describes five different levels of data maturity, from building data awareness to leveraging data to extract relevant business insights from data.


Insights Through Data | Alveiro Garcia | 08 June 2021

Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene: Fundamentals Behind the Relevance Score

Alveiro Garcia explores the fundamental concepts of Elasticsearch and how they work together to provide storage and relevance scoring. He also presents a case where these features led to Elasticsearch being chosen as the main data repository for an internal project.



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