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Insights Through Data | Adina Gabriela Stavar | 12 January 2021

Data is Everything

Adina Gabriela Stavar explains the importance of a Data Maturity Model as the foundation of enterprise data management and describes five different levels of data maturity, from building data awareness to leveraging data to extract relevant business insights from data.


Insights Through Data | Alveiro Garcia | 08 June 2021

Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene: Fundamentals Behind the Relevance Score

Alveiro Garcia explores the fundamental concepts of Elasticsearch and how they work together to provide storage and relevance scoring. He also presents a case where these features led to Elasticsearch being chosen as the main data repository for an internal project.




Insights Through Data | Gabriel Preda | 27 May 2021

Endava at NASA’s 2020 Space Apps Challenge

Gabriel Preda revisits Endava’s contribution to the NASA COVID-19 Space Apps Challenge in May 2020, when the disease was still on its way from epidemics to global pandemic. He shares how the team used a wide range of scientific data to analyse possible correlations with COVID-19 emergence and how such a model can benefit complex data analysis projects in general.


Insights Through Data | Calin Constantinov | 27 January 2021

Following the Patterns – The Rise of Neo4j and Graph Databases

Calin Constantinov discusses the significant uses of graph databases, the popularity of Neo4j across different industries, and what the future could hold for graph database technology.



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