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Next Gen Insights | Jeremy Mayes | 17 December 2019

Demystifying omnichannel and making it a reality

Marketing to customers with the right message at the right moment in their journeys is as enticing as it is challenging. Jeremey Mayes talks us through how 3 CPG brands are winning the omnichannel game and shares some tips on how you can start playing it right.


Next Gen Insights | Jeremy Mayes | 08 April 2019

Get Emotional - How Feelings Dominate Decision Making

While the majority of people believe decision-making should be driven by logic, Jeremy Mayes, VP Connected Experiences, explores the curious case of ‘Elliot’ and how our emotions dominate every decision we make.




Next Gen Insights | Justin Marcucci | 23 April 2019

Placing the customer at the centre of your business transformation

When it comes to embarking upon a fundamental business transformation, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is incorrectly prioritising the customer—the ‘user’—in the decision tree and design process. Justin Marcucci, Chief Digital Officer of Endava discusses the difference between believing customer experience is important and understanding how to transform your business to prioritise it.


Innovation | Teodora Chetan | 18 June 2019

Retails trends influencing customer journeys and experiences in 2019

Following a meet-up with the innovative Frank Rehme, Teodora Chetan outlines five trends in retail which combine technology and customer-centricity to foster loyalty and increase sales, both online and in-store.




Next Gen Insights | Teodora Chetan | 29 July 2020

The Rise of Human to Human Customer Experiences

Teodora Chetan explains what human to human (H2H) means as a concept, argues why it is essential for brands to have it as part of their DNA, describes how to implement it, and provides examples of brands that have administered it successfully in the longer term.


Digital | Jay Chitnis | 03 December 2021

Evolving Digital Self-Service in Insurance

Jay Chitnis examines the current state of digital self-service in Insurance and shares his insights and advice on how insurers can use technology as an enabler for an improved experience and to keep up with the evolving needs of their customers.

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