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AI | Radu Orghidan | 27 August 2019

Taming AI in a Cognitive Driven Business World

As we move closer towards a digital version of reality, Radu explores the way AI is creating a new philosophy within technology and how to select the right tools to succeed against your business objectives in the long term.


AI | Radu Orghidan | 11 February 2021

Mapping the Future Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Following their podcast debut, Radu Orghidan and Boris Cergol discuss the requirements, advantages and challenges of Artificial Intelligence projects and share their perspectives on things as diverse as the relationship between people and AI as well as the future applications of edge cognitive computing.




Augmented Reality | Radu Orghidan | 30 April 2020

AR & ML Deployment in the Wild – A Story About Friendly Animals

Radu Orghidan, Vice President of Cognitive Computing, uses Google’s 3D Animals app as an entry point into discussing the processes and technical aspects required to make such AR experiences exist, how ML can improve these kinds of applications, and the optimal team types required to generate and deploy peak-performing AR apps which result in tight connections with end users.


Innovation | Radu Orghidan | 08 July 2020

A Virtual Hackathon Together with Microsoft

Radu Orghidan explains the technology and processes used during a virtual hackathon to test if a solution could be developed for a travel insurance client to automate the translation of medical forms in several languages, and how the team were supported by Microsoft.



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