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Automation | Mike Spille | 16 June 2020

Automation in the Age of Digital Necessity

Mike Spille, Endava VP of Enterprise Platform and Enablers, provides an overview of automation, explains certain technologies nested in its toolbox, and describes ways to use these tools to create value for clients and companies without having to make massive investments, substantiating automation’s importance in the age of digital necessity.


Automation | Anil Dasturi | 17 August 2021

RPA: Using Robots to Streamline Processes

Anil Dasturi shares his insights on how to integrate robotic process automation (RPA) and illustrates these with a concrete example from the Insurance industry, showing the benefits in terms of improved customer experience, team efficiency and satisfaction as well as cost saving.




Innovation | Radu Orghidan | 08 July 2020

A Virtual Hackathon Together with Microsoft

Radu Orghidan explains the technology and processes used during a virtual hackathon to test if a solution could be developed for a travel insurance client to automate the translation of medical forms in several languages, and how the team were supported by Microsoft.


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