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AI | Radu Orghidan | 27 August 2019

Taming AI in a Cognitive Driven Business World

As we move closer towards a digital version of reality, Radu explores the way AI is creating a new philosophy within technology and how to select the right tools to succeed against your business objectives in the long term.


Banking | Wynn Davies | 05 May 2021

Artificial Intelligence: Where Does The Real Value Lie?

Wynn Davies explains why AI should not just be used for quick wins but as a holistic foundation to gain more business value. Following American Banker’s Digital Banking: AI & Automation event, he shares three key decision areas for financial services companies to determine their AI strategy and roadmap.




AI | Jasmina Ovcak | 07 December 2021

Hand in Hand with Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Sector

Jasmina Ovcak shares her experience developing a solution for forecasting electricity demand using Artificial Intelligence, and she explains how to optimally obtain, process, and use data as well as how to select and implement a fitting Machine Learning algorithm.


AI | Uros Bajec | 05 October 2021

How to Improve Intelligent Energy Storage Systems Using AI

Uros Bajec explains what constitutes intelligent energy storage and provides examples for energy companies to deploy Artificial Intelligence to make their energy storage systems more efficient, robust, and profitable.




AI | Radu Orghidan | 11 February 2021

Mapping the Future Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Following their podcast debut, Radu Orghidan and Boris Cergol discuss the requirements, advantages and challenges of Artificial Intelligence projects and share their perspectives on things as diverse as the relationship between people and AI as well as the future applications of edge cognitive computing.


AI | Thomas Bedenk | 27 September 2022

AI Art in Game Production – an XDS 2022 Table Discussion

Thomas Bedenk recaps a fascinating table discussion he led at XDS 2022 in Vancouver with experts from the games industry on the possibilities and obstacles of using artificial intelligence when creating game art.

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