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Author:Radu Orghidan


AI | Radu Orghidan | 01 October 2019

Cognitive Computing Using Cloud-Based Resources II

In the second part of his article, Radu presents a comparison between the tools offered by major cloud providers, highlighting the most important AI functionalities, together with the differentiation factors of each vendor.


AI | Radu Orghidan | 17 September 2019

Cognitive Computing Using Cloud-Based Resources

In this two-part blog, Radu offers a structured view of the commercial AI cloud solutions currently on the market using a trifold perspective according to the business focus areas, the technologies driving AI and the start-up situation in 2019 and offers a set of guidelines for a successful cognitive computing approach.




AI | Radu Orghidan | 27 August 2019

Taming AI in a Cognitive Driven Business World

As we move closer towards a digital version of reality, Radu explores the way AI is creating a new philosophy within technology and how to select the right tools to succeed against your business objectives in the long term.


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