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24 August 2020

OX and Endava partner to bring innovative PAYG transport into Africa

OX, the creators of the OX truck, have partnered with international technology company Endava, to further expand upon a ‘market-creating innovation’ that will focus on underserved transport markets in developing countries. Together, OX and Endava have designed an innovative ecosystem that will provide affordable, shared access to transport in the developing world, using Rwanda as a test market. This partnership has progressed key elements of the ecosystem to ensure OX’s inspiring vision is underpinned by a tangible and credible plan that is ready to become a reality. 
“The OX truck was created to tackle the transport shortage in the developing world, where billions of people struggle to access affordable transport. It is the only vehicle to have been designed specifically for these markets, and by providing fit-for-purpose vehicles alongside a pay-as-you-go business model we have found that transport accessibility, affordability and productivity can all improve. More can be done per journey with the OX versus a dilapidated pick-up truck, commonly found on Rwandan roads, as it can carry 50% more payload and provides three times the capacity. Endava has helped us to design a user-centric technology strategy and operating model that will best serve our unique target market.” Simon Davis, General Manager, OX

In Rwanda, 8 in 10 people own a mobile phone, which acts as more than just a landline alternative in Africa; it’s a bank account, a trading tool and even proof of identity. Together, OX and Endava have explored the technical possibilities in the country and have devised a novel transport app that is compatible with both 2G phones and smartphones. The result is that a customer will be able to request an OX service for the transport or distribution of goods such as produce from their family farm or a delivery of fresh water to and from a location, in the same way as using an app on a smartphone but using a much more basic device. Utilising existing technologies and combining them with an OX will provide an entirely different mobility model and could be a real gamechanger for millions of people! 
“Real innovation is rarely built on complexity, and often the simplest practical solution will have the biggest impact. This is particularly true of our work on the OX project. Endava is constantly reimagining the relationship between people and technology, and our business is built on a philosophy of helping people to succeed. The opportunity to partner with OX, and provide our skills on a pro-bono basis, has allowed us to do both those things. We have designed a solution that meets the real needs of the target users, by understanding them and their environment. We are very pleased to be able to help the OX project and excited about the change that it can bring about in the future.” Eoin Woods, CTO, Endava
The next steps in the journey for the OX are securing further partnerships to strengthen the ecosystem, in-market research starting at the end of the year and a customer evaluation fleet build next year.

If you would like to find out more, visit https://oxgvt.com


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