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05 May 2020

Endava’s productivity remains stable with an average 5% uplift during the past two months

In March 2020, Endava’s entire business moved to a 100% remote working environment. Being equipped for working virtually, all our staff were able to remain fully connected remotely, and our infrastructure suffered no issues. We then analysed our delivery velocity data collected between January 2020 and mid-April 2020 from teams working with over 60 clients, running 100 projects for 180 teams, using our nearshore locations in Latin America and Central Europe for the evaluation. What we found was that our productivity has remained stable across all our teams, with a slight uplift over the past two months. 

Back in early February 2020, Endava reached its 20th anniversary – a milestone for any business. Rob Machin, Endava’s COO, was involved in setting up our business from the early days and has experienced just how far we have evolved. We have built an incredible culture amongst our staff, and strong relationships and trust with our clients.

The recent global crisis has been a huge test to businesses everywhere. Rob has spent a great deal of time analysing trends in our business, and it goes without saying that since we entered a period of official lockdown across all our offices, we have been looking at these trends and stats very closely. 

The results we found were remarkable. Not only have we managed to ensure a stable delivery to our clients during this period of unprecedented change, but we have experienced a small uplift in our productivity.

We actively collect data at the end of every sprint across our projects; this helps us understand how a project is going and to plan future sprints. This really is an incredible achievement by all Endavans. It is also the result of a combination of things that helped us achieve this success, which we have worked hard over the last twenty years to build, namely:

    •  Our people and culture. Great people make all the difference. Our people live and breathe our company values of Smart, Trusted, Open, Adaptable, and Thoughtful. It has been great to see the way that everyone has pulled together to ensure our teams and clients have been supported while working through such uncertain times.
    •  Our great locations. We have always chosen our delivery locations around the world based on the quality not only of the technical talent in each city, but also of the infrastructure in a city.
    •  Our agile and remote nature. We strongly believe in the power of small, autonomous, empowered teams working closely alongside our clients in a highly distributed fashion across our global business.
    •  Our investment in tools and processes. We are a highly distributed company, and our approach is that all our services should be able to be delivered from any of our locations without compromising quality. This has meant ensuring that every location has the right tools and processes in place to just plug in and go, including laptops for all our staff, and secure cloud-based tools, meaning our systems are accessible from anywhere and our security works everywhere

It has been immensely gratifying to see how we have been able to work together with our clients to ensure that their goals are being met despite the disruption of this lockdown. We are helping to make a difference to the people who use the systems and platforms we design, build, and operate. After all, Endava’s philosophy is about people, and we are all in this together.
” – Rob Machin, Chief Operating Officer, Endava.


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