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10 December 2015

Endava delivering innovation with Scala

Rapid changes in software development have made it possible to create robust yet adaptable systems that are capable of reacting to dynamic shifts in consumer behavior. Systems like these are key to business innovation and the cornerstone of staying competitive in today’s fast moving markets. One of the key changes in the software development environment has been the emergence of Scala, a modern and productive programming language, which can deliver higher productivity and underpin reactive, scalable systems. Endava has already successfully delivered Scala projects for large organisations, mainly in the Finance domain, and we continue to develop our Scala capabilities within the organization.

Although it’s a relatively new programming language, Endava has already created a strong core of Scala specialists within the organisation and we are committed to further develop our capabilities in this area.  Developing our team of over 50 Scala functional programming experts allows us to deliver competitive Scala based software solutions from our delivery centres in Central and Eastern Europe.  The team already has significant hands-on experience with the technology having delivered an innovative payments platform by successfully scaling Scala. “ said Eoin Woods, CTO, Endava.

One of the recent projects in which Endava applied Scala at scale involved a team of 35 Scala developers working to deliver a micro-service reference architecture with an event-driven processing model. The project was undertaken for a client aiming to transform their business through a platform positioned to set the standard on how services are provided throughout the financial industry.

Beyond delivering projects for our clients, Endava is committed to Scala-based software development, with our developers attending expert training courses on functional and reactive programming, and the company being a member of the Typesafe Partner Programme.

Our commitment extends to community involvement through event participation and sponsorship as Endava developers regularly speak at important Scala conferences. For example, at Scala eXchange 2015, a major event held in London in December, 13 Endavans specialising in Scala will join 750 Scala architects, developers and functional programming experts from around the world for two full days of Scala sessions and workshops. As part of the event, Bogdan Roman, Senior Development Consultant at Endava, will be delivering a presentation on “Time Travelling in Distributed Software Systems”.

To ensure that our Scala specialists continue to deepen their knowledge and perfect their skills, Endava has developed a Scala Practice, an internal initiative that creates an environment which enables knowledge-sharing and skill-exchange.  This helps us to ensure that our Scala specialists stay at the forefront of Scala innovation.” added Eoin Woods.

To find out more about how Endava can help you scale Scala: www.endava.com/scala.

About Endava

Endava is a privately owned IT services company with over 2,500 employees and offices in New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, London and Frankfurt and 6 delivery centres across Romania, Moldova, Macedonia, and Serbia. Formed in 2000, Endava works with some of the world’s biggest brands in Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, and Retail helping them harness digital technologies and transforming them into more agile, responsive and valuable businesses.

Endava’s philosophy is simple: Create success for people. The people who work for us, the people who engage with us, and the people who use the systems and platforms we design, build, and operate.

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