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24 March 2010

Endava speakers to anchor the ICT Summit in Moldova

The event aims to provide a platform for sharing technology information and discussing key challenges for the development of the IT industry in Moldova and will be organised around 3 major tracks: ICT4Business – for local IT companies and customers, Development4ICT -  focusing on the development of the IT industry, ICT4Professionals – targeted at IT professionals.

Being one of the largest IT organisations in Moldova, Endava will participate in the event with several keynote speakers as follows:

ICT4Professionals - March 30th
11:00-11:30    Endava Learning Center  - Speakers: Igor Bercu, MCSD, MCT; Valeriu Plamadeala, MCSE, MCT;
12:30-13:00    User Experience Consideration in IT -  Speaker: Vladislav Harcel, Software Architect;
15:30-16:00    Agile Software Project Development. Scrum Overview – Speaker:  Cristian Cazan, Head of Development Romania;

ICT4Business - March 30th
14:00 - 14:30 Minimizing Costs through Outsourcing - Speaker: Radu Grosu, Executive Director Endava Moldova;
15:00 - 15:30 Endava Learning Center- Speakers: Igor Bercu, MCSD, MCT; Valeriu Plamadeala, MCSE, MCT;

By active involvement in this event, Endava confirms its tought leadership in the region and continues the series of contributions to the development of the business environment in Moldova.

For more details about the programe of the event please go to: http://www.moldovaictsummit.md/ . The web site of the ICT Summit 2010 was developed by Endava’s specialists.

To participate in one of the panels delivered by Endava’s speakers please register at: http://www.moldovaictsummit.md/index.php/en/registration

About ICT Summit 2010 
Moldova ICT Summit 2010 is a premier industry event, focusing on how to empower country development through information technology and build knowledge based economy. This is a gathering of the Moldovan ICT sector, aiming first of all to bring and share technology innovation within the industry players and to the Moldovan customers, as well as discuss the key challenges for a vibrant development of the ICT industry.

For further details please contact marketing@endava.com


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