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27 February 2023

Landing Innovation in Aviation

Roshina Nandra & Justin Marcucci explore how airlines should tackle legacy systems to make the most of their data.


23 February 2023

The ticket to frictionless airline transactions & interactions

Roshina Nandra & Scott Harkey discuss some aspects around frictionless mobility and what role payments play in it.


17 February 2023

Beyond the skies: how to harness cross-sector learnings

Roshina Nandra & Brian Estep discuss what Aviation can learn from adjacent industries to offer a complete experience to their customers.


30 September 2021

Technology’s Role In Applying A Coherent CX Strategy

In this week’s episode, we chat with Alex Hunter about customer experiences, service culture, the marriage of offline and online experiences, and how technology can help brands create unforgettable experiences and evoke genuine emotions for their customers to drive loyalty.


08 July 2021


Listen to a fascinating conversation about what the future of travel will look like with Alex Hunter, former global Head of Digital for Virgin Group.



17 March 2020

How we move people and goods reimagined – part 2

Bradley learns more about Tony Whitehorn and Adam Banks, experts from the automotive and transport and logistics industries, including how they got started in their careers and the best advice they have ever been given.



16 March 2020

How we move people and goods reimagined – part 1

Bradley challenges mobility experts from the automotive and transport and logistics industries to think outside the box about the industry and how it will change in the next 20 years, including when we might see autonomous cars and trackable packages on container ships become a reality.


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