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16 March 2023

Tech & Community Building with Kelly Baynes

Kelly Baynes shares the story of a community helping 700 women entrepreneurs.


09 March 2023

Women Leading in STEM with Helena Nimmo

Bradley Howard and Helena Nimmo address some of the issues behind the lack of women in top leadership positions across STEM. Tune in to learn more.


02 March 2023

How do we change the status quo? With Helen Pownall

Join Helen Pownall and Bradley Howard as they discuss improving gender diversity in tech. Learn how organizations and individuals can create inclusive cultures and provide equal opportunities.


28 October 2021

Inclusivity in the tech world

It's no secret that industries still stumble, struggle, and in some cases, fail when it comes to building #inclusive workplaces. On today's Tech Reimagined podcast, we sat down with Meri Williams to get her view and advice on achieving diversity and inclusion in our industry. 


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