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27 October 2022

The State of Tech in Financial Services with Scott Harkey

Take a closer look at the latest advancements in financial tech with our payments SME Scott Harkey.


15 September 2022

Technology Innovation in Large Banks

Our guests this week are two very seasoned banking and capital markets professionals who share their dual points of view on how large banks tackle tech innovation.


22 October 2021

Financial Inclusion Utilising Tech

What's the recipe for a more inclusive economy? Find out the answers in a new Tech Reimagined episode, as Bradley Howard talks to equality champion Viola Llewellyn about her passion for creating equality and inclusion in Africa's Fintech sector.



02 April 2020

How we pay for goods and services reimagined – part 2

Bradley learns more about Nick Telford-Reed and Adrian Bugaian, experts from the payments industry, including how they got started in their careers and if any lucky breaks played a role in their professional lives.



18 March 2020

How we pay for goods and services reimagined – part 1

Bradley challenges two experts from the payments industry to think about the unconventional ways payments will change in the next 20 years, and how close the Western world is to a completely cashless society.


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