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11 March 2021

Season Finale: Looking back on Tech Reimagined

It’s been a year since we launched our podcast and we’ve enjoyed reimagining some great topics over the last 34 episodes, from healthcare, how we pay for goods and services to how we work, the role of AI and the future of sports. In the season finale, Bradley Howard will share some of his favourite bits, topics, and moments from season 1 of Tech Reimagined.



04 February 2021

The role of AI reimagined – Part 2

Radu Orghidan and Boris Cergol talk about the most compelling areas of artificial intelligence, why they love working with this technology and the changes they've seen in recent years.



28 January 2021

The role of AI reimagined – Part 1

In a new TechReimagined, our guests Boris Cergol and Radu Orghidan talk about the regulations, accountability and expectations that arise when using AI to solve complex problems and what the future holds for this technology and for the individuals who are using it on a daily basis.


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