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The Metaverse: Myths & Opportunities


02 February 2023


Thomas Bedenk, Endava’s VP of Extended Reality has joined us again on the Tech Reimagined Podcast for what turned out to be a very insightful conversation on the metaverse and its opportunities for businesses in the years to come.

He believes the public’s growing appetite for experiences and digital assets that feed into the metaverse is mostly driven by the growth of the gaming industry and the increasing use of games as a social and exchange medium.

However, it's important to distinguish the metaverse from the games industry and gaming as a whole. Virtual items in these games have a real economy and virtual items can be as real as physical items to those who own and use them in the metaverse, which has the potential to transform business models and how companies interact with customers.

How exactly? Listen to the episode to find out and share your opinion @Endava on Linkedin.


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