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Datacentre Exits, Cloud Consulting & Migration

Endava has worked on many large-scale cloud migration and adoption projects across a wide set of industries. We believe this knowledge has given us a proven methodology that helps clients get to the cloud faster, more securely and whilst upskilling staff.

Endava has a comprehensive set of documentation that can be re-used to create an effective plan to migrate applications from an on-premise infrastructure to GCP. This Cloud Adoption Framework is a detailed set of requirements covering all the areas of cloud adoption, with a strong focus on automation, governance and security.

Endava will work with your teams to create a single plan of action (Cloud Migration Roadmap) without the paralysis of endless discovery phases and audits. We start quickly and iterate using an agile methodology, but with a clear end state in mind that optimises your ability to deliver technology.

Our Cloud Migration discovery process touches on all aspects of successful digital transformation such as Business, People, or process change. We have a set of prescribed and fully automated patterns for accelerated platform buildouts, VM migrations or day 2 operations – all with enterprise security-first design. Our Discovery & Assessment process will help you understand your current inventory of applications, categorise & map them according to cloud migration best practices, deploy automated tooling for analysis of dependencies and insight into migration risk per application. Our team will also work with all the necessary business & IT stakeholders performing interviews and completing questionnaires to better plan & execute your cloud migration.

Landing Zone and implementing the framework, IaaS

Endava partners with you to upskill your teams on the best way to implement Google Cloud. We have worked in many different industries with clients both large and small and we have amalgamated that knowledge into our migration approach so that you make maximum progress.

We take an automation-first approach where we deliver the Landing Zone environment using IaC (typically Terraform deployed using pipelines). We use our set of comprehensive CAF requirements to implement your environment using automated code-based accelerators.

We typically build Landing Zones with Google’s Cloud Foundation Toolkit, implementing best practice design and security from the start. There are many key requirements to get right at the start of the programme and the aim is to deliver an infrastructure that can be deployed using self-service tools and that follows ITIL best practice.

Multi-cloud PaaS and Application Development

Beyond Lift and Shifting of applications onto IaaS, we believe the biggest benefits of migrating to the cloud are the increase in velocity of innovation and the ability to scale up and down with demand.

Application Deployment acceleration is the product of a mature DevSecOps team combined with a robust 24/7 PaaS infrastructure.

Endava specialises in multi and hybrid-cloud infrastructure using Kubernetes, Anthos and serverless technology. We bring reference designs built in code that have been used on multiple projects, including advanced deployment patterns for both infrastructure and application code.

Cloud Management

Operating technology in the public cloud creates an opportunity for a paradigm shift away from on-premise ways of working. Empowering development teams via self-service and self-governance, whilst creating overarching governance and security guardrails to stop dangerous deployments is a key requirement to get right. Simply transferring an on-premise operating model to the cloud has resulted in many cloud migration failures in the industry.

Having a Cloud Operating Model from the get-go is a must, and having one that can be automated via code will transform the way technology is delivered to users and clients. The journey to the cloud requires new ways of working and thinking and these experiences must be embedded into the new model to make those improvements stick.

Endava can partner with you to deploy the Cloud Operating Model, and we can provide the full support structure via our Managed by Endava offering. Our support offering goes beyond a traditional service model to deliver automation, continuous improvement, rightsizing and improved developer productivity.

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