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Cisco Jabber integration with IBM notes


Having a business tool can be very powerful and a combination of tools can really enhance your capabilities, making your job easier, more coordinated and efficient. Cisco Jabber Integration with IBM Notes is a plugin that allows Cisco Jabber features to be accessed from inside IBM Notes.

Business Benefits

Leverage the power of Cisco Unified Communications technologies. By extending Jabber Presence, Instant Messaging and Call Escalation directly into IBM Notes, end users can use voice and video calling as well as point to point and multi-party Instant Messaging.

Full support for IBM LiveNames and LiveText. This integration extends Jabber’s Presence, Instant Messaging and Click to Call features throughout the Notes, Calendar and Personal Contacts environments.

Cisco Jabber Integration with Notes, combined with Jabber’s existing Calendar integration, provides a secure, reliable and scalable way to boost end user productivity throughout the Enterprise.

Plugin Scope

  ■  Easy configuration

  ■  Easy single and group deployment through Domino update sites

  ■  Fully configurable JID, allowing you to map contacts on Domino/Notes and Jabber

  ■  No additional backend components needed (at the plugin level)

  ■  Both Jabber deployment types supported (in cloud and on premise)


  ■  Presence everywhere inside Notes Client

  ■  Click to Call

  ■  Click to Chat

  ■  Start Conference and Group Chat

  ■  Click to Call via LiveText


  ■  Full UC – IM & Presence and Call related features are all escalated to the Cisco Jabber client.

  ■  Phone only mode – IM & Presence are handled by the Sametime embedded plugin, while Call related features are escalated to Cisco Jabber.


  ■  Notes 8.5.3 and Notes 9 series (we are working on supporting older version of Notes)

  ■  CUP 8 and above

  ■  IBM Domino server 8.5.1 or above

  ■  Cisco Jabber 9.2 or above

  ■  Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (32 bit and 64 bit architectures are supported)

Perpetual license is free - only Software Support Services (SWSS) are charged.

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