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Telcos are the cornerstones of the web. They used to be able to charge for access, now they need to be able to charge for content and, as the nature of that content evolves they need to be able to rapidly adapt their business models. In a data driven world telecommunication companies are striving to rise above being commodity carriers of data. To increase and retain their market share they must provide value added services and they must attract and retain users at a lower cost than their competitors.

How can they become the dynamic businesses they need to be in order to survive? By transforming as organisations, they need to become more agile in their operations and business lines. They also need to center their thinking more around building strategic customer experiences rather than on minutes sold. 

How do they unlock the power of the data they hold? As with many of the winners in today’s global economy, the future lies in using data to unlock new value. Few companies have data that is as rich and compelling as telcos; which, if understood and used well can help create compelling digital experiences that users want and will pay for. Being able to unlock the data at their disposal, and being able to rapidly build and deploy services built on that data is what will enable the telcos to stay ahead of the competition both within their industry and outside it.

Endava’s core capabilities in digital strategy, innovation and agile transformation can help telcos win.


We started working with Endava in late January with a high priority project for delivery in April, involving a supplier in Israel and a customer in Italy. Endava were unfazed and confident from the start, delivered the project on time, despite many last minute changes from our customer and ourselves. Throughout the team was cheerful, confident and reassuring, and frequently delivered tasks on the same day that we thought might take a week. Endava dealt with the people, languages and time zones without complaint and took every problem in their stride. The project was a success and Endava should take much of the credit for that.

XSP Solution Architect, Vodafone


We Understand The Challenges Faced By Businesses

The telecommunication industry has worked hard in recent years to maintain its revenue per user in the face of the commoditisation of first calls, then the evaporation of messaging revenues and lately the falling price of data. They have worked hard to stay ahead of their competitors in network coverage and speed, and they have tried to increase the stickiness of their user bases with triple and quad plays, and collaborating with content providers to deliver mobile content.

There are two main key areas where telcos can differentiate themselves from the pack. Firstly: building seamless digital interactions with their users, which drive loyalty and reduce the costs of attracting, onboarding, serving and retaining users. Secondly, in a relentless push to innovate and offer new value added services to their customers, for example delivering content or mobile wallets.

In addition, as IoT begins to accelerate, coming down the road is the rising ubiquity of connected devices that will drive every greater data traffic. But how can telecommunication companies make sure they are part of the value-add and not just the providers of the underlying infrastructure?

The answer is to ensure that they are the platform enabling the solutions, which their users want and which will be delivered over their networks.

We Help You Make A Difference

We can harness data and software services to create compelling digital experiences for customers, partners and employees alike.

We understand how to unlock the power of your data. We understand users and how to create digital experiences that your users will want to use repeatedly.

We also have a long track record of working in complex, high throughput, highly available environments to deliver rapid change. We are not afraid to transform legacy environments to build fast to market, compelling digital experiences, which need to interface to slower moving back end systems. 

Endava’s end-to-end approach means:

We can help telcos identify the barriers which prevent them from enabling future services and which will allow our clients to rapidly leverage new opportunities as they emerge.

We know how to leverage the rich data that telcos have and how to build compelling mobile experiences, which will engage your users.

We’ll blend seamlessly with your in-house teams and work on accelerating development, harnessing new skillsets and building experience. All in the service of your business goals.


Meet Industry Challenges For Years To Come

We understand the challenges of telecommunication businesses in depth. We then make the best use of that knowledge in designing and delivering technically advanced systems and strategies, tailored to your business case and to the industry context. 

We have a strong track record of working with other organisations to introduce agile transformation across their whole product lifecycle, delivering value to production faster and keeping them ahead of their competition.

We help clients remain relevant and achieve their business goals through analysis, evaluation and the implementation of the proper tools, systems and processes. 

Our benefits-oriented approach focuses on adding value through improved experiences for your users and keeping your organisation up to date with industry advances that might result in opening up new revenue streams.

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