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The Role of In-Car Payments in the Automotive Industry


eCommerce and digital is changing how we buy cars and creating brand new opportunities in payments. From shifts in purchasing options at the dealership to inbuilt seamless in-car payments, are you ready for this new connected era? 

As consumers continue to embrace connected technologies, how can we deliver seamless customer experiences? Where are the monetisation opportunities and how can Endava help with expertise, tools, and connections?

Endava’s Tony Whitehouse and Andy Davies join with Stripe’s Rich Wall to dive into payments in automotive. How does it compare to retail? How does automotive get in pole position to unlock new data-driven value and customer loyalty. Sign up for the answers!


■ OEM’s looking to integrate frictionless and optimised payment orchestration across all current & future channels
■ Dealerships thinking about improving payment flows, repeat purchase and value per customer
■ Technology, product, and strategy leaders focused on developing more automated, user-centric solutions for automotive


Meet the Speakers

  • Andy Davies


    Andy is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, and innovative professional with over 25 years’ experience designing and delivering leading-edge payment solutions for the banking, retail, financial services, and public sectors. With extensive knowledge of card, bank, and alternative payment rails, his time in the industry and exposure to key players provides him with a unique insight into product innovation, regulatory drivers, security, and fraud requirements. Andy is a hands-on individual who is always striving to be at the forefront of the ever-changing payments landscape.

  • Rich Wall


    Rich Wall has been working in the technology industry for over 20 years, focused across the tech stack, from systems monitoring to service management and business process automation, and now payment services with Stripe. Focusing on the Financial Services and Insurance markets has been a constant throughout Rich's career, helping large enterprise customers enable business transformation at rapid pace, powered by technology innovation. At Stripe, Rich focuses on consulting partner relationships and defining go-to-market solutions that deliver significant value for customers.

  • Tony Whitehorn

    President and CEO of Hyundai Motors in the UK and parts of Northern Europe

    Tony is the former President and CEO of Hyundai Motors in the UK and parts of Northern Europe as well as having held senior and Board roles at Toyota and Renault. He has now transferred his skills, expertise and experience to Consulting and acting as an Advisor to various OEMs, dealerships and other associated third parties in the automotive arena. He is a “go to” person for VCs and PEs looking to explore the automotive industry and is often used by UK government associated bodies for advice on the industry. Tony is using his skills and experience in a broader field to encompass and assist companies entering the burgeoning field of Mobility. Tony is a lecturer at various Business Schools as well as being on the Advisory Board of Endava providing his perspective on business aspects particularly in the Automotive/Mobility domain.


Air Date and Time

25 January 2023 @ 2 PM GMT


Rich Wall
EMEA Partner Solutions, Stripe

Andy Davies
Principal Industry Consultant, Payments

Tony Whitehorn
President and CEO of Hyundai Motors in the UK and parts of Northern Europe

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