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Smart automation


Emerging technologies have the potential to transform automation from being a barrier to innovation and change, to being a key enabler for modern, digital and agile organisations.


Eoin Woods, Endava’s CTO, provides actionable insights into what modern enterprises should consider in terms of automation technologies, solutions and processes to survive and thrive in today’s fast-paced markets.

Find out what the emerging technology trends are, and how continuous delivery, cloud automation, machine learning, natural language interfaces can be used in automating your business and your client’s processes.

You will also learn what basic set of key principles you need to follow to maximise your organisation’s chances of success when starting the automation journey.


Given the opportunities available and the adoption of new automation technology across many industries, it is not too dramatic to say that in many cases, effective automation is now a survival skill for the modern and digital enterprise.

Key Insights

 ■ What the recent advances in automation technology are: RPA, ‘bot technology, modern application architecture, machine learning and AI;
 ■ What are the benefits that your organisation can gain from applying smart automation solutions mapped to your projected business outcomes; 
 ■ How to approach integrating smart automation into your business processes by properly leveraging all parties involved.


Read our whitepaper “Smart Automation: Allowing the Modern Enterprise to Survive and Thrive” and discover how to get your company properly started with implementing the right automation solutions into your business flow.


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