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Focused on optimizing the claims process, this company is an insurance aggregator that was founded in 2017. Faced with rapidly growing operations and limited options for scalability, the company needed to evolve their platform and integrate many factors systematically and autonomously.

When searching for a partner to tackle this complex initiative, the company looked for proven expertise in system architecture, user experience, and cloud migration. Working with Endava would help them create cost efficiency, improve claims success rates and process speed, and evolve their capabilities and capacity for growth.

Scaling with expanding operations

As the company’s business grew, the current platform struggled to scale along with their expanding operations and was not cost-effective. The existing, multi-cloud environment needed to be redesigned and optimized for this new phase of growth but remain functional during the modernization process.

The company’s main challenges included:

■ Integration of a growing number of external systems
■ Unorganized and undocumented code base
■ Lack of internal knowledge on engineering
■ Migration of millions of registries

"This partnership allowed Endava to become the main development branch for the client’s organization. We made key architectural decisions on their platform and helped them evolve to increase transaction processing and scale into more clients and markets.” - Andres Quinones, Project Delivery Management

Meeting customer and company needs

To maintain operability during the project and meet customers’ needs, Endava created an approach based on domain-driven design and deep expertise in enterprise architecture.

The approach included:

■ A scalable re-architected system based on microservices
■ A domain-centric user experience compliant with all users’ needs
■ A well-designed software-development lifecycle (SDLC) process
■ Allowing for experimentation and rapid feature deployment

A redesigned platform for a new era

With the platform redesign successfully deployed, the company created a more seamless user experience for all stakeholders. From greater cost efficiency to improved speed and daily production releases, the company has realized significant value from modernization, and is ready to grow their business to the next level.

Overall, the project achieved these key results:

■ Decreased average process time from 80 days to < 15
■ Increased claim process success rate by 4X
■ Accelerated time to market
■ Documented and structured code base