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Diamos Delivers Great Customer Experience Through Expanded IT Partnership with Endava


DIAMOS is one of the leading German providers of premium software solutions and services to the Investment Management (IM) industry. They are committed to providing their customers with the best quality of service possible, and for that, partnering with a trusted IT partner like Endava is a must.

To extend their workforce, DIAMOS sought a partner with a high benchmark of experience and professionalism. Endava fit the bill to help further DIAMOS’ reputation as a leading IM software solutions and services provider.


Together with DIAMOS, we aided with various strategic and technical requirements to better enable their ability to accommodate clients’ needs.

We also helped facilitate their adoption of an up-to-date tech stack and provided support for a new UI/UX and extended experience for their clients to use.


Having previously worked with us, the step to extend the partnership since 2017 with our most recent work was a natural one. Endava’s proven skillset and long-term experience in the Asset and Investment Management industry was key in furthering our relationship.

We demonstrated our distinct understanding of the industry and value chain through a variety of technologically and business-oriented approaches, including our showcase of several UI/UX Design Proofs of Concept (POCs).

Since 2017, Endava has demonstrated a keen understanding of the Investment Management space by offering valuable contributions to our business. Thanks to the support they’ve provided, we can maintain our focus on providing our clients with the finest software solutions and service possible. DIAMOS is proud to continue our longstanding partnership with Endava.” – Derenik Grigorian, COO, DIAMOS AG

We are proud to be helping DIAMOS continue to be trusted by so many customers, through the delivery of technology that underpins their commitment to premium software solutions and services.  By supporting their staff, we’re helping DIAMOS technology teams move into and lead the digital roles that are crucial as they continue to transform their business.” – Toby Dixon, Delivery Director, ENDAVA 


On top of helping DIAMOS with their new clients, Endava has been assisting in strengthening their technology delivery capacity when we’re needed.

Over the course of four years, we cultivated a solid foundation of trust as an IT partner, offering tailored solutions and sound implementations, while delivering using a flexible agile delivery model.