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Recruitment Agency Expands Into New Market With Endava




This recruitment agency has a heritage in being market specialists in specific roles and wanted to launch a new product in a totally new and emerging market, based on the gig economy. In order to do so, they needed a partner who would match their culture and create a bespoke cloud-based platform-from ideation to production.



To ensure the right foundations were being built, Endava spent four weeks working with the recruitment agency’s business and technology stakeholders to understand their vision and bring a user-centric and product-orientated approach to the design decisions that were being made. This ensured candidates were at the heart of the Customer Journey Mapping process.  

What followed was an agile development phase with the recruitment agency and Endava teams working in unison to bring this new product to life. Built in AWS using Terraform and Kubernetes, this Infrastructure-as-code platform would allow the recruitment agency’s teams to easily scale up the production infrastructure based on usage. The Endavans also shared their knowledge of Agile, demonstrating the best-practices that we have been refining for two decades.



In a world where digitally led competitors are making their presence known in every sector, this agency saw an opportunity to combine heritage and technology to disrupt the existing recruitment market. This was achieved by running a project that was a great example of business agility and lean project implementation. As a result, the teams were able to create and launch an MVP in 5 months, that was tested with real customers and tailored to meet their evolving needs.



For the recruitment agency, this was an innovative step in the right direction. They have big ambitions for the future and have gained confidence through the testing of this product, which has been well received by the market. By choosing Endava as their technology partner, the agency was able to turn an idea into reality is a short period of time without sacrificing quality. This positive experience bodes well for the future of innovation in their business, a trend that they hope to continue with Endava by their side.

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