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Media start-up reimagines media buying with Endava




This progressive media company identified a need for agencies and content producers to be able to connect through a unified platform to select, negotiate and purchase ad space, providing a one-stop shop for media buyers.

Traditionally, the process was very manual and based on Excel spreadsheets. The result was a very time-consuming and frustrating experience for agencies looking to secure ad space for their clients that meet the right demographic, at the right time for the right price.



By automating the process, from entering the specifics of the audience all the way through to payment, the team at this media start-up knew that they could improve the experience for everyone involved. 

They partnered with Endava right from the start to build a platform capable of integrating with various agencies. The team size has grown tenfold over the past four years. The Endava team comprises of development, project managers, UX designers, DevOps and testers working across three different delivery units.



The cloud agnostic SAAS platform supports multi-tenancy and is geared toward the needs of each agency that want to use it. The platform offers agencies the opportunity to buy space from multiple media types, including growing markets in streaming services and social media. The result is more time and energy for agencies to innovate and deliver the best possible campaigns for their clients.



The speed at which the platform operates provide a great competitive advantage for agencies. Moving from long waiting times to calculations being completed in seconds can mean the difference between getting a prized ad spot. Together with the inhouse team, we worked to test the platform with agency customers.



Because the platform is handling vast amounts of data and processing payments, the team needed to ensure that it is incredibly robust and secure and able to scale. It was also very important that they had chosen a delivery partner who was able to hit tight client deadlines on time and on budget. 

The system is already processing high volumes of transactions each year, and further efficiencies are planned for their clients through the use of emerging technologies, data insights and AI. Through the iterative ideation to production approach of Endava, improvements are identified and applied regularly, meaning that the product will continue to meet the evolving needs of clients in the future.

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