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Major Publisher Cuts Costs by Moving to the Cloud with Endava




In today’s interconnected world, many media companies find keeping up with client expectations expensive. A major publisher, with over 200 national and regional titles, wanted to reduce the costs associated with their growing applications estate and IT infrastructure, while improving their critical business applications and services.



By working alongside the company and taking ownership of the complete application lifecycle, our team identified the role and contribution of all applications within the business, mapping the resilience, service needs, and cost associated with each of them.  
We transitioned their support model to a central Application Management delivery model. This significantly enhanced user experience and enabled business efficiency through the broad adoption of enterprise-scale workflow applications, and also delivered the strategy to decommission their legacy estate and migrate them to the cloud.



Working with the publisher and their suppliers, we developed a strategy to transition their development, UAT, and Disaster Recovery environments for a suite of 14 key Enterprise Applications from a hosted environment to AWS. We provided a rapid proof of concept engagement outlining the main applications that could successfully function in the cloud. Thanks to our effective pace and cost efficiency, the project’s scope was increased to include additional applications. 
Furthermore, we cost-effectively took over management of the firm’s core IT functions, transferring the IT teams to a new Target Operating Model. This ensured a unified service with 24/7 Service Desk, central Operations Centre, and the effective implementation of defined management processors. On top of consolidating the Active Directory domain’s 6000+ user accounts and associated devices, we also upgraded their central data storage to higher performance solutions, migrating more than 2PB of raw data to a restructured solution.



Through our Application Management engagements, we supported the firm in achieving a 30% reduction in the number of applications. Our full application lifecycle capability has underpinned the 24/7 service continuity through a significant period of transformation. What’s more, by providing a unitary price structure, we ensure both transparency and predictability, enabling them to make business decisions on project changes and investments with better certainty on ROI outcomes. 
Additionally, by moving main applications to the cloud, we aim to enable the publisher to reduce their expensive geographic dependency, speed up deployment, and enhance Disaster Recovery services of which they are charged for on an as-needed basis.  
Through our robust and scalable business solutions, we supported the publisher in achieving enhanced service resilience, focusing on a smaller number of enterprise applications scaled according to business demand and priority. Our partnership led to significant improvements including 93% end-user satisfaction and £2.5mil cost savings per annum.

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