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Leading charity become more engaging with Endava




A leading cancer charity has been helping people affected by cancer for a number of years, aided and funded by volunteers and a very grateful public. The way they work has changed a lot over time, to ensure they are offering the right support, tools and inspiration, both today and in the future. To make this a reality, they needed their technology to be fit for the future too. It was time for a digital transformation.



The importance of having a technology strategy that is in sync with your business goals shouldn’t be underestimated. This becomes more apparent when different departments are using disparate systems that don’t integrate with each other, even though they all have the same goal – to reach 100% of people living with cancer and offer the best care possible. As a result, the experience isn’t as seamless as it should be, taking up valuable time for staff and frustrating the people living with cancer, their families, healthcare professionals and donors.



Endava collaborated with the team to create a technology roadmap aligned to the charity’s target operating model and business strategy. The roadmap will guide the three-year transformation programme which consists of multiple streams and represents a significant investment for the charity.

To ensure that things were on the right track, Endava engaged with a large number of stakeholders to understand what technology transformation would mean to them and where they believe the charity really makes a difference. This is especially important because most of the people working at the charity have chosen to do so because they themselves have had their lives changed in some way by cancer.

This invaluable feedback was consolidated into six key areas and a clear plan was created about how to deliver a platform and services which would make their vision a reality, by addressing the key areas in which they wanted to improve while simultaneously being very conscious of costs.



The new cloud-based platform built on microservices will allow a more engaging digital presence that is intuitive and helps users get to the information they need. Healthcare professionals have access to educational resources across devices, so they can use content on the go. Fundraisers and volunteers have smart profiles that consolidates the opportunities across various activities, giving them oversite of their contribution to this worthy cause. People living with cancer and their families can get the help they need, when they need it, and staff can work together more effectively and create new and exciting campaigns to keep supporting the communities they are committed to serving. The only loser is cancer, and we can all live with that.

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