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Increasing efficiency of subsidy application process through digital evolution

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Reduction in manual labor

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Optimised customer journey

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Scalable business model



Our client OAZ subsidieadvies, a subsidy advisory company, helps large organisations with their subsidy application process, which means manually assessing thousands of paper documents to find the required proof to complete an application. Aiming to increase efficiency and open up new commercial opportunities, OAZ needed to automate workflows and optimise this time-consuming and expensive process.


By using advanced technologies, Endava supported OAZ with a mixed Agile Scrum team in digitally transforming their business process. With the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), algorithms, machine learning and semantics, documents are now scanned and electronically converted to machine-encoded text to quickly and effectively extract the required information. To support the flexibility needed for thousands of different document types, enable information searchability and put a secure privacy policy in place, Endava engineers used MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database.


The new solution allows the employees of OAZ to scan or insert data directly into the central system at their working location. This reduces the manual effort and enhances efficiency. The time saved, is now better used to steer the full subsidy process and achieve optimal results for the end customer, providing them with a real-time, transparant view of the subsidy progress, also guaranteeing that the required privacy policies are in place.

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