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Top Healthcare Provider Improves The Health Of Users Through Data With Endava




With the vision of empowering users to take control of their wellbeing, this healthcare provider makes accurate and valuable medical and lifestyle information accessible online. To make this more impactful, they offer enhanced services to corporate customers who know that healthy employees are more productive, feel more supported and have longer, more fruitful careers.

As subscribers, their employees are able to personalise their experience by importing data captured through their smart wearables, including exercise time, distance and intensity, calories burned and consumed, hours of sleep and hydration levels and combining it with anecdotal measurements of things like stress levels, medication usage and test results. With so many different apps and devices out there, a unified, technology agnostic experience was essential.



Personalised health goals are easier to achieve and tracking your progress with your colleagues and friends keeps you more motivated to achieve them. Endava designed a platform that can seamlessly integrate with each corporate customer’s brand, creating a community feel and allowing rewards to be allocated to exercise or nutrition-based challenges that keep users engaged.

Users can also take advantage of a virtual health assistant which will help them select and track their goals, with helpful tips and a wealth of resources. For increased accuracy, they can use the health assessment to help identify potential health risks that need attention, such as stress, obesity and tobacco usage. For users with pre-diagnosed conditions like diabetes, a coach provides even more personalised support, scheduling consultations advising them of realistic steps they can take to accelerate their achievements, all based on real-time data being pushed to the platform at scale from their various devices.



With 100 000 plus users providing real-time data, there is a lot of insight to be gained about the wellbeing of users. But data is only as good as its source and the strategy behind it. Endava worked to fully understand where the value lay in the data, and how to integrate various APIs to aggregate and consolidate it while providing an attractive and intuitive user interface to make the most of it.

As the platform gained traction and the number of users and wearables grew, an intelligent approach was necessary to ensure that users had access to their health information when they needed it. This was solved by ensuring that new service instances could be effortlessly added by designing and building the platform using microservices, providing horizontal scaling. Making the most of Endava’s Continuous Delivery service means that the platform is updated regularly and monitored constantly, resulting in the best user experience for users from a stable and adaptive platform.

For corporate customers, predictive analytics drive a better understanding of employee needs and allow them to tailor their healthcare offering appropriately, better supporting their most valuable asset – their people. For users, having a single source of health data, a wealth of information, access to experts and a community of like-minded individuals continues to grow in value the more they engage. For the team, the platform has allowed them to redefine the relationship between people, wellness and technology while offering a product that is scalable, provides valuable insights and adds value to users lives.

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