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Developing IMAX Automation for Entertainment Company’s Major Movie Release

A Supporting Role

Set to launch a new, high-profile title in theaters for a top streaming platform, an entertainment services company needed to quickly develop components that would support multiple languages and UHD content for the film’s IMAX release.

As a long-term engineering partner for the client, Endava was able to augment the client’s in-house teams to deliver backend support for a successful IMAX launch.

A Precise Delivery of Components

With the streaming service’s first film release of 2022 swiftly approaching, the client needed a partner to help them develop the metadata and backend engineering for IMAX components. The client’s existing process to develop and update these components required manual work, and with a firm release date for the film, they needed a more streamlined path to delivery.

Setting the Stage

After meeting the entertainment services company and analyzing their needs for this critical launch, Endava completed research and development of IMAX automation.

Endava’s approach for the IMAX launch included:

■ Developing scrum teams to facilitate development and launch
■ Baton QC automation in ONE, the company’s delivery automation platform, for language verification
■ Testing the newly onboarded IMAX ONE profile for order delivery

A Successful Film Launch

“Through working with this client on various projects for over four years, we built up the trust necessary to work with them on this critical launch. Our expertise in engineering for streaming services helped us to deliver the results they were looking for.”
-Valentin Gadola, Delivery Manager, Endava

The film’s launch in IMAX was a huge success for the entertainment services company and their client. Automation helped to efficiently and effectively scale a complex process that required multiple versions and hundreds of components, allowing the launch to stick to its strict timeline.

By implementing automation, languages could be easily verified, improving the teams’ overall workflow. These new features also introduced shared checklists to the service provider’s teams, providing greater visibility into the status of delivery.

Overall, the client achieved:

■ 14 versions of UHD content
■ 32 languages comprised of 6 components each
■ 560 individual components across all versions in 25 days
■ Error-free delivery and fewer manual updates

These results have strengthened Endava’s partnership with the services company, which is now positioned to implement similar automation projects with other streaming clients in their network.