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Leading global insurance provider enhances service quality with Endava




In today’s global marketplace, it’s imperative to generate and provide the highest value possible while maintaining affordability across the board. Familiar with Endava’s ability to do this effectively, one global insurance provider approached us to enhance the quality of the services delivered through their application estate while remaining cost-effective. 



We verified the status of the firm’s application landscape and designed an AM service that covers 2 layers of their 3-tier architecture. The first phase was aimed at stabilising and optimising their current applications, while a secondary, long-term phase focused on continuous service improvements.

Working closely with the internal teams, we’ve made significant updates to processes and provided guidance to the external first level of support. By understanding and becoming proficient in the client’s CMS, we were able to effectively solve the large number of issues it was causing. We’ve also taken ownership of the CMS, allowing us to set up the processes required to ensure the first level of support could operate effectively.

Gradually, the partnership expanded to include Release Management activities as well. In order to deliver the best possible solutions, we implemented an industry standard code analysis tool (SonarQube) to measure the quality of our code, significantly enhancing it.



Following this successful initial engagement, we became the strategic supplier for the presentation layer of their application estate, providing support for all new products. By ensuring 100% SLA compliance, we allowed managers to focus on proactive activities, and thanks to the level of quality of our processes and delivery, most of the products benefit from support services without additional costs.

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