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Global Insurance Leader Improves Revenue and CX with Greenfield Digital Transformation Project

Founded in 2018, this client offers cyber insurance to safeguard small business revenue against cybercrimes. Facing a lack of market awareness and a long sales process, the company needed a way to enhance their messaging and shorten their sales cycle to propel their business forward.

Working with Endava would help them build broader market recognition, develop a more efficient sales and onboarding process, and unlock opportunities for revenue gains.


The challenge of improving sales and onboarding


The company initially approached Endava to improve their sales and onboarding process, which consisted of many touchpoints—and often resulted in stalled conversations and missed revenue opportunities.

Customers had unanswered questions, while salespeople had several manual tasks to perform throughout the journey.

Aside from sales and onboarding, the client’s main challenges revolved around the following:
■ Potential customers had a lack of awareness surrounding cybersecurity insurance
■ The existing website had unclear messaging for its intended audience
■ Internal teams were unsure how to evolve to the next level of software capabilities


Gearing up for a greenfield digital transformation


Endava started by performing market research on the client’s competitors and position in the market, as well as analyzing legacy systems and defining their current sales and onboarding processes. The team then developed a combination of UI and UX strategies, targeted messaging, and technologies that would improve existing processes and eliminate legacy APIs.

Endava split into three delivery teams to support this greenfield digital transformation project:
1. API Hub:
The hub would allow partners to connect their applications to the client’s API services.
2. Broker Portal: This portal would help brokers connect with the client’s services.
3. Managed Service Provider (MSP) Portal: This portal would streamline the MSP customer journey and the onboarding process.


A new opportunity for revenue and results


Endava delivered a fully working prototype for the client’s new website and MSP portal, the broker portal, and the API hub. With tailored messaging, updated technologies, and a more seamless onboarding process, the client had a renewed opportunity to capture revenue and improve their customer experience.

Top takeaways from the MSP and broker portal projects included:
■ Stronger on-site messaging built broader market awareness
■ Personalized web experience created more relevant conversations
■ An automated onboarding flow streamlined the customer journey
■ Improved processes captured previously lost revenue opportunities

Top takeaways for the API hub project included:
■ Product conditions could be easily updated through data configuration 
■ APIs created business opportunities for channels and strategic associates