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US Gaming Company Builds an Ecosystem of Blockchain Games

As NFTs grew in popularity, a US gaming company sought a solution that could serve as a digital art marketplace. Endava helped create a marketplace by developing reusable microservices to support the company’s continued foray into NFTs.




The gaming company wanted to create an NFT marketplace that would serve as the only digital art marketplace founded and built by artists.

The company’s main goals and challenges consisted of creating a platform that would:

■ Provide the digital art community with an innovative way to share their art

■ Empower the digital art community with transparent commission rates (8.88%)

■ Facilitate art sales through auction or fixed price by harnessing the decentralized power of blockchain and smart contracts




Endava served as the main workforce behind the NFT marketplace project, with a team of six developers, two testers, a dedicated business analyst and scrum master, plus client personnel working hand in hand.

Smart contracts, developed in Solidity and deployed through HardHat on the Ethereum and Flare networks, allowed Endava to add any needed business logic to cater to artist needs.

To ensure every art piece is deployed correctly in blockchain networks, Endava implemented The Graph, a third-party indexer that makes it seamless to add a cache layer between a blockchain network and the marketplace.




With this project, Endava helped create an NFT marketplace as part of the client’s joint venture with a public figure in the NFT art industry.

Overall, the collaboration achieved these key results:

■ Creation of internal tools for the client’s gaming platform

■ Tools that allow for faster and more automated publishing

■ Reusable microservices that provide a scalable infrastructure

Together, these initiatives and results have proven the value of business analysis and scrum framework and have positioned the client for continued innovation and growth.