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Freenet TV creates self-service account management platform with the help of Endava

Communication is key

With customer centricity being at the core of all businesses nowadays, it was only a matter of time until one of the largest providers of DVB-TV2 television in Germany, Freenet TV, identified the need of improving communication with their over 1 million subscribers, while also simplifying the process for new-comers to enjoy their services.  
Committed to providing quality experiences and easily accessible media entertainment, Freenet TV partnered up with Endava and created a self-service portal that would enable them to convert visitors into customers in a few easy-to-fulfil steps while offering existing clients the best possible account management experience.

One portal to rule them all

Using the Agile methodology, the Endava team has addressed Freenet TV’s elaborate business case by conceiving and implementing a complex technical architecture and designing a flawless user experience on top of it. Endava assisted with conceptual design, implementation of both front and back-end, Google Cloud hosting and payments integration.

The platform has a responsive front-end design and encloses several features: a shop and payment solution, integration of existing systems, and management of partner profiles. The customer management account portal also functions as a mobile app and is a one-stop-shop for both new and existing customers. It offers equipment sale, continuous support and includes an error alarm, the pause-rather-than-cancel function, and an options page customers can use to book additional TV services.

The right partner with the right plan

Freenet TV needed a seasoned technology provider, with extensive experience in complex B2C portals, solid know-how in the media industry, a hands-on understanding of the importance of UX design and customer centricity and the right partnerships in place to make it all function smoothly. Through many successfully delivered projects in the media space and several awards won for our UX design strategies, Endava has repeatedly proved its digital proficiency and strong technical capabilities.  
In 2020 the Freenet TV platform received the German Design Award for Excellent Communications Design and Interactive User Experience.