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Catan Creates Innovative Digital Presence with Professional Gaming Services

First launched in 1995 as “The Settlers of Catan,” the Catan game franchise has reached millions of players around the world. While the physical game was extremely popular, the game makers looked for a way to meet market trends and expand their audience reach with a mobile, digital game presence.

Working with Endava, Catan has established a thriving digital presence for its games, offering multiple gameplay options via browser, desktop, mobile device, or Nintendo Switch. Endava has provided full-service development for Catan games to ensure the same engaging gameplay that made Catan a worldwide phenomenon extends to its digital universe.




While Catan’s main challenge revolved around creating a multiplatform digital presence, the game makers also needed to strategize for future iterations and expansions, and more recently, a format that could be played in a tournament setting.

Overall, Catan’s challenges included:

■ Creating the initial mobile version of the classic Catan

■ Creating a multiplatform version for mobile and PC

■ Ensuring that gameplay is true to the original experience

■ Porting and developing the game to all various platforms

■ Transferring expansions for the physical game into the digital game




To bring the game’s digital presence to life, Endava worked closely with digital publisher United Soft Media Verlag GmbH (USM). Endava’s teams helped to create game versions for Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, iPod Touch, and more.

Over the years, Endava has provided these services for Catan’s digital games:

■ Digital concept and game design

■ UX and UI

■ Asset creation (3D, 2D,)

■ Writing campaigns and narrative content

■ Unity game and backend development

■ Manual and automation testing

■ Application management




Together with USM, Endava’s team of board game fans and digital innovators develops ideas and possibilities based on the latest tech developments to continue reimagining the Catan gaming experience. With many successful digital game launches over the past 10 years, Catan is poised to continue its expansion in the market and to reach new players worldwide.

Overall, Endava has helped Catan achieve:

■ Development of 7 games over 10 years

■ Creating a digital presence for a leading board game

■ Setting new standards in the digital board game market

■ Game features to accommodate Digital Catan World Championship