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Building a Contactless payments SOLUTION: from ideation to production

BT Pay


BT Pay


BT Pay



Business Insights

Banca Transilvania (BT), the largest Romanian bank is headquartered in Cluj-Napoca and has over 7,300 employees nationwide. BT also leads the national cards market, having more than 3 million cards in their portfolio.

They were looking for a partner with relevant technical expertise in the financial sector to help them release an innovative mobile payments solution that would enable the bank’s clients to perform contactless payments, transfer money and keep their transactions record using only their smartphone.

By achieving this, BT became the first issuer of a digital wallet in Romania and the third one in Europe.

The Endava Approach

The BT Pay application was launched successfully in January 2018 and Endava was involved in every step of the creation process. Endava’s previous experience in delivering digital wallet solutions for global payments companies and telecom operators was an essential factor in enabling Banca Transilvania to achieve a record time to market and outpace their competitors.

With the wallet app being available on both Android and iOS, BT clients only need to add their cards in the app. Its key functionalities rely on P2P (Person to Person) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies.

BT Pay is not only the first wallet to allow contactless payments launched by a Romanian bank, based on the Visa Token Service and the MasterCard Digital Enablement Service, but also the first digital wallet launched in South East Europe using Visa Token Service.

Business Benefits

Intuitive and easy to use, the BT Pay App responds to the needs of the younger generation by making everyday payments more convenient, accessible and the relationship with the financial institution friendlier.

Launching BT Pay was a big step for Banca Transilvania in terms of expanding their digital services offer. Releasing the first digital wallet on the Romanian market had a positive impact on their positioning and brand reputation. In 9 months after its launch, BT Pay had approximately 210.000 downloads on both Android and iOS.


Engagement in the BT Pay project evolved from a professional task to a personal ambition for every team member. It was a journey full of passion, dedication and accomplishments.

Working side by side with the Endava team, relying on their professional expertise and guidance, proved to be the backbone of the success that this project had.

Deputy Director, Head of Cards Development, Banca Transilvania


Application Benefits for Users

BT Pay, the mobile wallet that the Endava team contributed, allows the bank’s clients to:

 ■  Perform fast and secure contactless payments by touching the POS with their smartphone, anywhere in the world; the contactless payments functionality is available for phones with an Android system and requires a special sticker for phones with an iOS system, issued by Banca Transilvania;
 ■  Check transaction details, the balance due and loyalty points from their credit cards;
 ■  Easily transfer money between other BT card owners and between clients’ cards;
 ■  Split “the bill” feature, available between other BT Pay users;
 ■  Perform multiple transfers to other BT Pay users or BT card owners;
 ■  Stay up-to-date with the bank’s promotional offers and loyalty programs.

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