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Automotive manufacturer adds digital media supply chain strategy with Endava




Effective content distribution requires the right tools for the job. Employees must be able to efficiently maintain and share resources to preserve and grow the brand, especially when visual materials are involved.

One European automotive manufacturer realised this and decided their repository of photos, videos, and graphical content could benefit from even stronger asset management.



The auto manufacturer wanted to introduce an innovative platform that enables their employees to efficiently manage, edit, release, and distribute videos and other media assets company wide.

Together with Endava, they implemented a Digital Media Supply Chain (DMSC) on the basis of our own modular DMSC system, which was developed with Symfony and Sonata Bundles. The DMSC includes a video transcoding engine and numerous video-editing features which originate from our specialised development department.

Our focus was on optimally mapping the complex processes and diverse workflows of editing, administration, and distribution within the company. A core function of the DMSC system is the ability to not only manage and edit content, but also to transmit it directly into various communication channels, including sharing directly to showroom floors. Employees can successfully cut and combine videos, embed watermarks, logos, and subtitles, add keywords, create templates with placeholders for individual texts, convert videos to different formats and sizes, and much more.



In close partnership with their internal teams, we are working continuously to further the development of the system. We integrate new technologies such as Cognitive Services for the automated indexing of videos, create support for new asset types, and involve further departments into the workflow.

We started with two, and by now 12 different company departments are working together within the system. Our DMSC solution has become an integral part of the firm’s daily work.

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