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Success Story

Accelerating VR Technology Releases

Success Stories

Speed to market due to Agile teams performance

Success Stories

Cost-efficient releases

Success Stories

Access to highly technical teams


Business Insights

Our client is a technology company specialising in software developed specifically to deliver a wireless connection for VR Headsets. To achieve this without compromising on quality compared to a wired solution, our client was looking for the right development partner to assist with this significant technical challenge.

The Endava Approach

Endava was able to combine advanced engineering skills with an Agile approach in order to align with the client’s technology core team. Two Endava scrum teams got involved and developed a high value automation test framework used for performance testing of the VR headset, as well as other features on Windows via WiFi, by using C++ and Python as technology stack.

Benefits Delivered

Based on our teams performance, our client was able not only to cover the items in their backlog, but also to accelerate some of the releases in a cost-efficient way. Automating the performance testing for the VR wireless headset required an innovative approach and the Endava teams complemented the client’s team with our thought leadership.

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