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Endava Tech Flow


Tech Flow


Digital Evolution: Idea To Full Life Cycle

Pitesti, Romania | 07 November 2018

This event aims to share insights on some of the newest trends in technology. During this edition of Endava TechFlow we will focus on presenting the latest directions in designing and implementing digital projects. We will focus on a realistic day-to-day approach that requires the ability to convert tech trends and technical excellence into adaptable, reliable solutions.

It is our pleasure to invite you to take a closer look at this topic and discover different views on how to ideate, plan and implement a digital project.

Join us for an evening of discussions, networking, and presentations on digital evolution, from idea to full life cycle.

Key Speakers

  • Daniel Ionescu

    Scrum Master, Endava

    Daniel Ionescu is a Scrum Master and one of Endava's Agile Champions, a group evangelising Agile Scrum across the organisation. His approach to leading is to drive people to tap and channel their inner motivation.



    Daniel will present the story of Digital Solutions Tribe in the quest of Sustainable Deliver Value. We will talk about People - the most important ingredient, Process - that can amplify the power of people and the combination People X Process - on the journey from Idea to Production.

  • Laurențiu Spilcă

    Development Lead, Endava

    Laurențiu Spilcă is a dedicated Development Lead and Trainer with over nine years of experience. Currently, he leads the development of a project in the financial market of European Nordic countries, in which the latest technologies are used. Before being a Development Lead, he worked as a Software Developer building one of the biggest ERP solutions with worldwide installations. For Laurentiu is not important only to deliver high quality software, but also to share knowledge and help others to upskill. This has driven him to design and teach courses related to Java technologies. Delivering presentations and workshops is another way he succeeded in spreading his enthusiasm for software. Outside work, Laurentiu is passionate about traveling and scuba diving.



    It is obvious now that we live times in which software requests change faster and faster. We find ourselves in the situation in which we have to deliver today what was not planned yesterday yet. So how can we still ensure quality software with this struggle on our shoulders? We have to change the way we think about development and realise that the change doesn't come only from the way we work, but also from the architecture of the system and the tools we use. A bottom up approach that can drive us to the future.



18:00 – 18:30 Welcome & Registration
18:30 – 19:15 Key Talk: Daniel Ionescu
19:15 – 19:30 Coffee Break
19:30 – 20:15 Key talk: Laurențiu Spilcă
20:15 – 20:45 Networking session

LOCATION: Ramada Hotel, Pitești
Diamond Ball Room (Calea București, Building 31, Events Center)

The event is open to the entire tech community in Argeș.
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