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Digital Labs

As businesses across sectors are looking to enhance their level of engagement with consumers through technology, understanding which solutions will best support the organisation’s goals can be challenging and costly.
Digital Labs

We help you make a difference

Supporting clients in exploring the true potential of applications, systems and platforms, Digital Labs is a team of product experts, UX specialists, and practical engineers whose single goal is to drive innovation by rapidly turning ideas into reality.

Having understood our client’s core business challenge, we follow an iterative process that ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness, from idea to prototype, across the entire project’s lifecycle. Our small, focused teams are able to quickly design, develop and test digital solutions, providing actionable insights into their value and business potential in a short, six-week timeframe.

Rapid Discovery Process And Conceptualisation

Our Digital Labs team is able to effectively bring our client’s idea to life through proof of concepts, as well as support them throughout the envisioning phase of the engagement.

We organise co-branded hackathons, during which Endava teams apply their creative problem-solving skills to answer our client’s business challenge. Client workshops and design sprints also nurture concept development, turning notions into tangible solutions in a short amount of time.


To ensure the solutions developed through Digital Labs maximise the potential of new technologies and leverage industry trends, our team performs ongoing research and publishes their findings in industry-focused reports, feeding back those insights into Labs engagements. We also develop prototypes and design processes that streamline business operations.


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