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Digital Evolution Whitepaper

The Changing Face of Digital Experience

The right balance between intense focus on user experience and engineering prowess is essential for companies serious about competing in the next phase of digital.



Digital competence is not just changing the way we are doing business but also the way revenue, profit, and competitive advantages are generated. As such, digital requires attention from senior business leaders.


Although it permeates almost everything in some capacity, if significant change within a business has not been architected as the market evolved around it, leaders may find themselves in an unenviable position now as success is further predicated on digital ability.

Justin Marcucci, Chief Digital Officer at Endava on the three key strengths needed to deliver on the digital promise we make to clients and users.


Digital experts Justin Marcucci, Seth Clifford, and Jourik Migom provide a fresh perspective on the three areas of focus that top the agendas of CTOs, CIOs, and CMOs worldwide:

 ■  Transforming legacy operations into a truly digital business that can compete in today’s saturated market.

   ■  Designing and implementing commercially actionable and engaging user experience across products.

 ■  Establishing and fostering an environment that facilitates entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, and creation that grows organically, as opposed to one that originates as a corporate initiative.

While seemingly distinct operational concerns, these areas are interdependent and work in concert to deliver value to the business and customers alike.

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