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Supporting equal opportunities in tech (Slovenia, Romania, Colombia)


Raising awareness is crucial in the journey of creating equal opportunities. We are proud to have supported and been part of a variety of projects focused on opening the conversation regarding equal opportunities in tech.

By supporting the Summer School of Computing, driven by the Institute of Computer Science in Slovenia, we can facilitate elementary and high school students to explore the world of IT by joining insightful training sessions and hands-on workshops. Our partnerships with Cuti - Techy X el Dia, Liceo Impulso and Mate in Medellin, Invest in Bogotá and Anibal Soto School bring students together with thought leaders in the field that share their knowledge and experience, guiding them into gaining a better understanding of the opportunities.

One of the projects with the highest reach, Career Choices, was organized by Save the Children and had national coverage in Romania. The virtual session focused on sparking curiosity and encouraging young women to explore a career in tech, together with thought leaders from various areas of technology, psychology and education, and Endava Women in Tech that are subject matter experts. The online event reached over 17,400 people, children, teachers and parents, and received great feedback, marking the official launch of the Young Women in Tech Academy.

From career orientation talks to knowledge sharing and mentoring, we partnered with trusted NGOs from Latin America and Europe to enhance awareness, encourage, and support young people to explore opportunities in tech.

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