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CSR PROGRAM OF THE YEAR AWARD | Endava Thank You Forest (Romania)


Our Endava Thank You Forest project, a tree planting initiative in partnership with Plantam Fapte Bune, was awarded ‘CSR Program of the Year’ at the ANIS Romania Gala in 2022. The initiative is also connected to our internal recognition programme: for each e-Thank-You card our colleagues send internally to each other, we are planting one tree. Additionally, to celebrate our 10,000 people milestone, we are also planting a tree for each Endavan, as a thank you for being part of our story and helping us reimagine the way technology impacts the lives of millions.

Internally, this campaign had a great response since its launch in December 2021. During the first 48hrs over 20% of Endavans sent e-Thank You messages. Besides this, each planting activity involved volunteers from our partner NGO. The project itself has national impact, as we aim to continue growing the Endava Thank You Forest, through tree planting activities in Romania and other countries in the region.

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