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Women in Tech

We rejoice in seeing more and more women embracing careers in tech and making a difference as IT professionals, leaders, mentors and colleagues. We are committed to achieving greater gender equity by increasing the number of women in leadership and governance roles across Endava and across the broader technology and services industry.

Around 35% of our people are women in roles across engineering, client facing, and business support. To create a working environment that offers both equality and equity of career opportunity for all our people based on merit, we strive to empower our people to take advantage of our career coaching, knowledge-sharing and mentoring opportunities.

In partnership with universities, our Internship and Graduate programmes help us develop the passionate new talent we’re always looking for. 42% of our people in graduate and entry-level technical roles are women and overall 33% of Endavans in technical roles are women.

To encourage women into the industry, we have partnerships across our locations with schools, colleges and NGOs on programmes that encourage young women to discover a career in technology.

Read more details on our Women in Tech focus in our recent sustainability report.

Meet Our Women In Tech

We are delighted to be sharing profiles of amazing Women in Tech across our organisation, aiming to encourage positive conversations about how our diversity makes us stronger!



35% of our line managers are women and we are committed to increase the number of women in leadership and governance roles across Endava.

Our Endava RISE mentoring programme is designed to provide support and opportunity for our mid-level women, building readiness for senior management and leadership roles, while giving our mentors greater awareness and opportunity to connect more deeply and broadly across the organisation.



To drive and deliver sustainable organisational inclusion, we have recently established a Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Forum which brings together a broad and varied group of people from across Endava, including our Gender Balance network.

At the same time through our award-winning Wellbeing programme we support our people’s development and wellbeing as they take on new projects, progress in their careers, move into new roles or in new life stages.

Textio for gender-neutral job ads

We want to ensure we are attracting the widest possible range of people to Endava. All of our recruiters have access to Textio – an augmented writing tool that removes bias from job adverts, with training to help write thoughtful and inclusive recruitment and communications content.

Using this tool, recruiters can identify words or phrases that may or may not appeal to certain gender or age groups, so that we can create engaging communications that reach the widest possible pool of talent.


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