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Environmental Impact


Energy footprint

We care about the impact we make on the world in which we live and work, following sound environmental practices to lower our energy footprint.

As a first step, we identified the aspects of our business that impact the environment and comply with all relevant legislation and regulatory controls in each of our locations. We make every effort to reduce our use of natural resources and energy and consume material goods in moderation. We also dispose of waste in a safe and responsible manner.

We apply strict protocols to extend the lifecycle of our computer and IT equipment, with Endavans using their laptops for four years. Further, laptops are reconditioned and donated to local schools in need and community projects. Any IT equipment that is subject to WEEK (Waste, Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations is asset-tracked to ensure accountability.

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdowns, low-carbon activities such as cycling to work, tele-conferencing, and reducing power and paper consumption were encouraged across all our offices.

Measuring up

Our business relies on the use of public Cloud services for data storage. We therefore appreciate the commitment of providers such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google to increase their usage of renewable energy.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, reporting our Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) emissions each year using the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard pursuant to the UK Company Act 2006. We are continually looking for ways to further reduce our energy footprint.


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