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Operating Responsibly

Our commitment to act ethically and with the highest levels of integrity enables us to retain the trust and confidence of our people, clients, and investors and to deliver a consistent performance, building a sustainable and robust business for the future.

We believe that Operating Responsibly is about being thoughtful in relation to all our stakeholders, including:
■ Ensuring the wellbeing of our people and creating opportunities for shared success
■ Delivering smart solutions to our customers whilst ensuring that we safeguard our clients’ privacy and protect the assets entrusted to us
■ Giving our investors confidence that our board takes collective accountability for good corporate governance
■ Taking seriously the impact that our decisions can have on the communities in which we operate.

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99% of our people completed the Endava Code of Conduct e-learning course for 3 years in a row

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99% of strategic suppliers have signed up to the Endava Supplier Code of Conduct

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99% of our strategic suppliers have completed our Modern Slavery questionnaire

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NEW Share Success Plan to enable Endavans to benefit from Endava’s success

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NEW AI-powered platform: Speeki to support our Speak Up Safely processes

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