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04 December 2020

Endava successfully completes SOC2 assessment

Endava knows that information security is at the heart of every successful digital acceleration initiative. We believe our customers deserve to be sure that they have partnered with a technology company that is aligned with industry standards and best practices while building and operating secure solutions for them. That's why we are pleased to announce that Endava has successfully completed a SOC2 assessment of our software development and managed services operations. 

Endava’s adherence to the SOC2 audit standard provides our customers with an assurance that we treat their information in accordance with the SOC2 trust service principles of Security, Availability and Confidentiality. These trust criteria, developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), are considered “gold standards” for assessing service provider security. 

This first “Type 1” audit assures that our security controls and practices have been properly designed to meet the stringent requirements of the trust services criteria. Starting in 2021, Endava will undergo even more rigorous annual “Type 2” audits which will add tests of operational effectiveness to the process. 

I am very proud that Endava has successfully completed the SOC2 process; we see security as a key component of the digital acceleration process. Our SOC2 journey was a company-wide effort, demonstrating Endavans' awareness of and commitment to meeting the rigorous security and availability requirements of our customers and stakeholders.John Cotterell, CEO, Endava 

Aligning our operations with the SOC2 trust services criteria adds to Endava’s corporate assurance portfolio, complementing our existing security and quality certifications: 

 ■ ISO 27001 (International Standard for the Management of Information Security)
 ■ ISO 22301 (International Standard for the Management of Business Continuity)
 ■ ISO 9001 (International Standard for Quality Management) 

SOC2 is part of Endava's continuous efforts to enhance our security and our position as a trusted digital acceleration partner.

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